Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Greetings From Outer-Zona

According to my eldest child, who happens to be five, we live in Outer-Zona... I suppose this is fitting because only crazy people and cacti live here in what I thought was Arizona. But I stand corrected.

The sweltering heat in the summer and lack of anything interesting for miles in most directions does make it feel like our own little desert island paradise, but I still prefer the environs of my birthplace on the central coast of California. If it were not for the fact that my work is here, and I love my work, and the cost of living where I grew up is so freakin' high, I would probably move back that direction. Maybe someday I will have the funds, and the gumption, to move away from this new place I call home. But, for now I will just enjoy my hot, crazy, and somewhat isolated little piece of heaven.

At this point, I bid you all good night... I have put the munchkins to bed and I must away to the hospital to visit my new baby boy. He is little, but strong in a smallish sort of way. I enjoy the passing of each new day as I watch him grow stronger, healthier, and closer to coming home... Still, I know he is good... I can tell. :o)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A new beginning...

A new beginning; I am starting my first blog. I am dedicating this space to my random rants, stray thoughts, and general information that may fill my head-space. Oddly, I am full of random bits of information that may or may not ever be useful in your lifetime. Either way, I do hope that you find my musings here entertaining if nothing else.

For the time being, I just wanted to drop a line and get things started here. And, since it was my lovely sister that really prompted me to write a blog, I will end my first entry with a tribute to her craziness:

Did you know that mammoths can hear with their tusks? Yes, that's right... Right now there are invisible, psychic, time-traveling mammoths listening in on your every thought and word... Shhh... Don't tell anyone... It's a secret. ** Grin **

Okay, okay, I know the pic is just some random elephant, but imagine it has lots of fur - invisible, psychic, time-traveling fur.